The vision of Roelcor Holdings  is to be the leading organization in the red meat abattoir, processing and related industry value chain throughout the Western Cape, while strengthening our position in the Southern and Eastern Cape.


Our mission is to firmly establish our leadership in the slaughtering of livestock and the marketing of slaughtered products through state-of-the-art facilities and sound business principles.


  1. To slaughter livestock and ostriches and to trade slaughtered products nationally and internationally through state-of-the-art facilities and systems.
  2. To be competitive without compromising on the high standards, ethics and good practices implemented throughout our operations and services.
  3. To secure a safe and equitable workforce.
  4. To be financially sound and sustainable.
  5. To take care of the interests of all stakeholders in the business, coupled with a fair reward for loyalty, risks undertaken and entrepreneurship.
  6. To subscribe to national and international protocols for exceptional quality assurance.

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