Welcome to Roelcor Holdings

Roelcor Holdings  is the holding company for several leading abattoir's in the Western Cape. With a history that leads back more than 65 years, our company embodies the South African passion for tender, wholesome meat products – and we’re proud to deliver only the freshest, best quality pork, beef, ostrich, game, lamb and mutton to our valued clients in the Western, Eastern and Southern Cape. img_5

With excellence in the red meat industry as our primary goal, all of our operations and services  by each of our subsidiary companies  are backed by the strongest quality assurance standards.

As part of this drive to maintain the group's reputation for superior meat products, consistency and competitive offerings, we’re dedicated to achieving our goals and offering our employees a positive work environment that focuses equally on training and advancement as well as technological innovation.

With our in-house cold chain supply logistics services, clients are assured of quick turnaround times, consistent product management and quality control, as we maintain our cold chain from plant to delivery. With our slaughter and deboning operations, diverse offerings and dedication to client service, we’re helping our clients to put exceptional quality products at competitive prices to the consumer.