Quality meat products

Quality Assurance

Roelcor Malmesbury takes pride in supplying high quality meat products that meets stringent national and international standards, where applicable. From primary and secondary producers throughout the Cape provinces, through the entire supply chain, we applies strict measures to ensure quality meat.
Strict compliance with Health & Safety Regulations

All meat products distributed by Roelcor Malmesbury meet the stringent requirements necessary for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification. This certification system controls all critical points for food safety in the plant, requiring that specific safety controls be put in place at each point. This system is fully compliant with the Meat Safety Act and relevant regulations stipulating the adherence to Good Manufacturing Processes in all areas of the plant.

A leading total quality management system to prevent errors and enhance the training of employees at every level.

End-to-end traceability of all products through barcodes and other tracking media, allowing us to identify the precise date and location at which each of our products have moved through from the various slaughter and deboning processes and logistics chain.

Excellent cold chain logistics through our dedicated transport fleet, where our temperature monitoring system provides an unbroken cold chain. Our own delivery fleet also means that we can offer our customers the benefits of a better turnaround time and ensure continuation of supply. Microbiological testing is also implemented at critical intervals in the supply chain to verify hygiene and safety.

For more information on our quality assurance and meat processing standards, please contact us today.

Industry Endorsements
The Group’s meat products and operations meet the strict standards of leading industry associations and authorities, including:

  • Red Meat Abattoir Association (RMAA) – Founding Member

  • Agency for Food Safety and Quality  (AFSQ)

  • South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)

  • South African Ostrich Business Chamber

  • Red Meat Industry Forum – Representative member

  • Western Cape Red Meat Producers Organisation (Platinum recognition award for collection of voluntary levies)

  • Cape Pork Producers Association

  • DTI – EU and ZA Accreditation