Red meat retailer

Company History

Founded in 1947 as Roelcor Meats (Pty) Ltd, Roelcor initially started as a meat retailer specialising in quality, South African meat products.


After over 65 years in the red meat industry, Roelcor Meats (Pty) Ltd was restructered and became Roelcor Holdings (Pty) Ltd. All operational activities were transferred to subsidiaries conducting all future operations in the Western and Southern Cape. As a private investment holding company based in Stellenbosch, they continue to focus on investment in slaughter houses and distribution centres.

In 2017, Roelcor Holdings sold their shares to Lionel’s Veterinary Supplies who, already being in the agricultural industry, acquired their first abattoir namely Roelcor Malmesbury. Roelcor Malmesbury specializes in supplying excellent quality meat top supermarket chains, registered butchers, wholesalers and suppliers to the Western, Southern and Eastern Cape.

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