Frozen meat products

About Roelcor

Roelcor Malmesbury specializes in supplying excellent quality fresh meat directly from the abattoir and frozen meat products to top supermarket chains, registered butchers, wholesalers and suppliers to the Western, Southern and Eastern Cape. These meat products meet the highest standards for quality assurance and include pork, beef, lamb and mutton.
Our main shareholder, Lionel's Veterinary Supplies provides some of the best globally recognized pharmaceutical brands in animal health products and equipment.
Company History
Excellent quality red meat

Founded in 1947 as Roelcor Meats (Pty) Ltd, Roelcor initially started as a meat retailer specialising in quality, South African meat products. 

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Values & Operations
Red meat processing

The vision of Roelcor Malmesbury is to be the leading organization in the red meat abattoir, processing and related industry value chain throughout the Western Cape, while strengthening our position in the Southern and Eastern Cape. Read More >

Roelcor Malmesbury
Reputable abattoir

Our reputable and well-established abattoir has been an owner-operated business since 1 October 2014. We operate from three abattoirs that are positioned as wholesale and contract slaughtering plants.

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Quality Assurance
Quality meat products

Roelcor Malmesbury takes pride in supplying high quality meat products that meets stringent national and international standards, where applicable. Read More >