Roelcor Malmesbury

Roelcor Malmesbury

Our reputable and well-established abattoir has been an owner-operated business since 1 October 2014.

We operate from three abattoirs that are positioned as wholesale and contract slaughtering plants. Our Swartland abattoir specialises in Halaal products including beef and mutton. This facility is also certified as a Kosher slaughtering plant, allowing us to expertly serve the Jewish community both in South Africa. The Malmesbury and George abattoir predominantly services the local market and slaughter cattle, sheep and pigs.

Malmesbury and George
Western Cape
Slaughter Capacity

320 beef units or 620 pigs per day 



100 beef units per day



80 beef units per day

We are able to maintain full control over our cold chain through an in-house logistics service and vehicle fleet that ranges from single axel 6-ton trucks to double axel 12 ton trucks.